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GE Grid Solutions 2017 Americas Users Conference - MagikMinds
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GE Grid Solutions 2017 Americas Users Conference

“When it comes to technology, if you’re not being disruptive, you’re being disrupted.”

– Jim Walsh, CEO -Software Solutions, Grid Solutions,
GE Energy Connections





With the introduction of several powerful new technologies and a renewed focus on partners, GE’s 2017 America’s Users Conference placed GE squarely in the disruptive camp. It’s a great time to be a GE customer and a great time to be a GE partner.

Here’s a look at some of the new developments and opportunities for the coming year.

Java Meets Magik

As “Old Guard” Smallworld implementors, we’ve been a little anxious about the latest evolution of Smallworld. In our work to move the first customers to the Java-based Smallworld 5.x, we are finding that there is still a place for Magik in handling advanced spatial applications. At the same time, the new platform creates opportunities to bring in Java developers to advance and support Smallworld implementations. This opens the talent pool to many more of our developers, which is very exciting!

Seriously Powerful Mobile Technology

Mobile Enterprise is an innovative technology for field automation. Field workers can access a full range of enterprise information, including GIS and Predix data, and perform redlining in the field. Techies will be happy to know that it also provides a true REST API to Smallworld based on the Node.js package and security based in Passport.js – all open source technologies. This is a strong move in the right direction. As a Mobile Enterprise development partner, MagikMinds looks forward to bringing this new technology to GE customers.

Edgy Integration

Grid IQ Link is a relatively new technology that enables both integration and visualization of edge devices and data. This technology creates a standards-based platform for development of connectors and protocol adapters. Very exciting stuff for an integration geek like myself.

There’s an App for That

GE is moving to a more modular approach to its software by adopting an App Store sales model. Everything will be sold as an app in the Predix Marketplace or in the upcoming user-focused app store. The app store approach promises a more recurrent, stabilized revenue stream for app makers, which in turn, will encourage makers to develop more apps. This is good for customers and for app providers. Anticipating this move, MagikMinds has been working to ready some key apps for the store.

Overall, the conference was illuminating and energizing. The utilities and telecom industries look dramatically different than they did a few short years ago. We’re excited to help our customers continue to move their businesses forward with these great new technologies.   David Cottrell, Chief Information Architect